About Us

Aufun is your online shop for practical household utilities, decorative touches for the home, necessities and much more.

Aufun is a dynamic, international eCommerce company with a wide range of work, home, leisure and garden products. We provide practical household utilities, decorative touches for the home, and useful kitchen gadgets: find all this and more in Aufun’s high quality range. At Aufun, our valued customers can get everything in one place. From car maintenance and camping equipment to furniture, garden essentials, barbecue kits and pet supplies, our customers will find everything they could ever need to make their work easier and everyday life better. No more spending hours searching different websites.

Aufun values customer satisfaction and reliability. We offer products that everyone can afford - practical and good value for money. To offer our customers the best value for money, we are constantly working on optimising our service and the quality of our products. 

If our customers are satisfied, so are we. We are dedicated to offering the best value for money for our customers and implementing our brand vision beyond national borders. All the while, we are constantly optimising the quality and variety of our products.